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A classic novel of rebirth through revenge. 

With penance served, atonement can begin. From the tranquility of southern England, to the steamy shores of the Caribbean, to the sweeping African plain, the moral compass is set to spin off its axis. For Thomas Edward Shaw, evil is not illusory, it is the debasement of young lives; it is the slaying of the innocent; it is the eradication of family. "Surrender..," he is told, "...is the way of the world." Join the characters of Sky Blue Sky as this taught, thrilling sequel provides the only truly, dignified response... "Says Who?"

“I am hugely critical of modern fiction; I find it to be mostly unreadable. The world needs anti-heroes that are no longer dull and predictable and weighed down with tired and repetitive plots and trite dialogue. I have chosen to write the characters of Thomas Edward Shaw, (Sky Blue Sky) and Miles (A Voyage For Soldier Miles) from the vantage point of someone that holds the inequities of society accountable at every opportunity - regardless of the outcome. In doing so, there is an immediate awareness of an unresolved, internal conflict and that is the engine that drives every story. Remember, adventure need not be devoid of empathy, for it is the cloak of heroes.” MW.

Catch up on the story, pick up a copy of the wildly-cinematic debut novel, 'Sky Blue Sky'. Available now.

Sky Blue Sky
By Mark Warford

“You can't comment your way to a better planet.., sometimes you have to actually leave the house.”



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A classic travelogue.

From deserts to mountains; from the busy metropolis to one-stoplight towns, 'Then Came.., Me?' is a road trip in its purest sense - grand views of a changing world, a little risk, a little romance, and talking to people that embrace a sense of their own fragile, but critical accountability - which rules out the majority of the media, all members of the religious glitterati, any politician that adheres to a path of self interest as a pathological birth right; the over-compensated, the under-informed and, of course, bad actors all.

Who's left? I'll show ya...

Introducing, Mouche...

Animated? Yes. A cartoon? Hardly...

She's whatever we think, but don't say. She emotes confidence and sexuality and she's brassy and wise and strong and she embraces these traits as if her very life depends on them. She knows things. She's from the past and the future and, quite frankly, is eternally confused at society’s tolerance for poverty and war and violence and suffering. At times, she’s pissed; at times, she’s compassionate, but she's always direct and she’s here to shine a spotlight on the best of who we (humanity) can be. If all that sounds like she wrote it.., well...

So that's it. By car, by motorcycle, by boat; across cities and deserts and mountains and oceans; with laughter and pain and tears and joy - this ain't your everyday road trip.  MW.

Then Came.., You?