“Take the road less traveled - yes, you will fall; yes, you will pick yourself up. Life is so much more vibrant when you give yourself no choice.”







"I think you're gonna like this. As a huge fan of the narrated medium, it will come as no surprise that I have very definite standards for the presentation of my work, and in the Audiobook universe, John Lee is unsurpassed; a master storyteller." -- MARK WARFORD


"Where surface ends and sky begins; in that thin layer of atmosphere, polluted with equal amounts of love and hate, a solitary voice is raised." 

Thomas Edward Muir is no drifter. He flies cargo in the islands; he rides motorcycles in the desert. Muir sails and he dives and...Yeah, he's that guy. 

But life is about to kick him in the teeth. He's gonna meet a monster. Pure evil. He's gonna witness the darkest side of human suffering. And it's gonna rock his world. And he's gonna struggle with that. 'Cause he's that guy. 

From the balmy, indigo waters of the Caribbean sea to the searing heat of the Sahara desert, the face of modern slavery is revealed in all of its repulsive glory. Thomas Muir will be awakened to the horror as karma’s unrelenting grasp forces an inevitable and impossible decision:   For a decade of grief to be avenged, a descent into madness is assured.

 Sky Blue Sky is a first rate, edge-of-your-seat thriller that scales the highest peaks of entertainment and awakening and love and adventure. At times brutal; at times wildly atmospheric, but more important, always unflinchingly honest.


Sky Blue Sky
By Mark Warford

As any soulful, wandering spirit will attest, the questions we struggle with constantly are.., How far do you go? and When is it time to stop? If the adage "write what you know" has any merit, then I'm most assuredly in touch with this particular emotion. I think the next Thomas Muir novel just found a place to hang its hat. In the meantime, enjoy the sequel, Says Who? - out now in paperback and soon to be released as an audiobook.











And, just like that, an action/adventure series is born. Featuring the protagonist / anti-hero, Thomas Edward Muir, told in a lean, hard, athletic narrative prose that uniquely bridges the void between general fiction and contemporary literary works.

Says Who?
By Mark Warford

About 'SAYS WHO?'

Only with penance served can atonement begin. From the tranquility of southern England, to the steamy shores of the Caribbean, to the sweeping African plain, the moral compass is set to spin off its axis. For Thomas Edward Muir, evil is not illusory, it is the debasement of young lives; it is the slaying of the innocent; it is the eradication of family. "Surrender..," he is told, " the way of the world."

Join the characters of Sky Blue Sky as this taught, thrilling sequel provides the only truly, dignified response... "Says Who?"












THEN CAME.., ME? is television for rebels and seekers and romantics; for those unafraid to tip their hats in the presence of a selfless soul; for those that appreciate great writing and long journeys and emotive soundtracks, and for those that embrace being restless as a good thing.

The anchors for this series are the soundtracks - what it means to dig in; what it means to let go.

"The lightning you see is not the same when you're old and wise. Where's the life you promised me, I'm right here, doing everything I had to do? And this fire won't wait for a storm to come and kill it, and it's for sure this future won't be pretty. She'll die a thousand times. Soleil."

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"In the service of complete strangers; in the pursuit of justice. Sounds like a fairy tale. I assure you it's not. For over fifteen years, Kate Watters fought for basic human rights to be extended to a small village in Kazakhstan that sits less than five kilometers from one of the world's largest oil and gas condensate fields. Imagine waking up to pounding headaches and respiratory illness; imagine your children convulsing in their classrooms; imagine centuries of culture being decimated at the hands of multi-national corporations; imagine corruption and intimidation being met with steadfast determination and bravery the likes of which cannot be stressed enough. Making a difference is not for the faint of heart, but you gotta have heart.., and humility.., and belief. I am so very proud to share this powerful and emotive story as the first in a series of insights designed to realign our expectations of each other." -- MW.



Meet the honorable Lord Quest and his otherworldly curator of common sense, Mouche.

If a travel show curated a passion for words and adventure, it would be this. If said travel show inspired more than a good meal and a cheap hotel, it would most definitely be this. So roll up your sleeves, it's time to defend yourself from yourself. Join me, and my ever-present arbiters of common sense and class, as we seek out some extraordinary people and places. I promise you, this isn't your everyday road trip.
Then Came.., Me? is the only travel show that's most probably not a travel show.


Animated? Yes.

Cartoons? Hardly...

MOUCHE: She's whatever we think, but don't say. 

THE HONORABLE LORD QUEST: His is a worldview unencumbered by prejudice - a dream for some, and a reality for a scant few. 

Introducing Jagjeet Singh (Golden): Artist and Animator

Thanks to Jagjeet Singh and our trans-global partnership, from Chandigarh, India, to New York and Los Angeles, these iconic drawings now, most assuredly, abound with heart and soul.


So that's it. By car, by motorcycle, by boat; across cities and deserts and mountains and oceans; with laughter and pain and tears and joy - this ain't your everyday road trip.  MW.







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Based on the true-life events of political refugee, Geldy Kyarizov, and his wife Yulia, THE MINISTER OF HORSES tells the gut-wrenching true story of the persecution and incarceration of a national hero.

Rescuing an esteemed bloodline from almost certain extinction, Kyarizov exercised great influence across Central Asia as the most prominent ambassador of a centuries-old cultural connection with the Akhal-Teke horse breed.

With his political office established, and rising to international prominence thereafter, Geldy met the ire of one of the world's most reviled dictators, President Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan, and was wrenched from his family, summarily arrested on fabricated charges and imprisoned for six years.

A living hell ensued as Geldy was subjected to torture and starvation at the infamous Ovadan Depe prison in the barren Garagum Desert. His only salvation came in the form of his young wife. Unwilling to accept an unjust fate handed out by one of the most dangerous dictators on Earth, her tireless dedication for justice set into motion a story of prolonged physical and mental intimidation and an unwavering quest for freedom.

 Filming in Prague, Czech Republic. (l-r) Kate Watters, Yulia and Geldy, MW

Filming in Prague, Czech Republic. (l-r) Kate Watters, Yulia and Geldy, MW

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is a story that will remain with you for a very, very long time."

- Mark Warford