Should authors impart their wisdom on the art of writing?

Hemingway did. Mostly justifying the nuisance/hassle of getting it done.

Stephen King does. Mostly with humor. 

Others of lesser stature assume an air of importance regarding their craft that is misguided/misplaced/"Miss, can I have a scotch?" The good stuff, thanks." Take it from me, "yeah, that's right, sister," inflated tomes on the art of writing are worthless to all but the most gullible of scribes - those impatient, insecure horse thieves looking for definitive shortcuts. Well, here's some hard-won advice that will nullify all texts on the matter of preparing fiction for public consumption...

Writing is really hard. But it isn't coal-mining and it isn't farming and it isn't prison. For the most part it's perpetrated in a warm, quiet room. You are free to correct your prose as many times as you see fit, and you can entertain as many distractions as you feel necessary/appropriate. The only piece of useful advice any learned individual should dispense is... just don't suck.



Mark Warford