Supermassive Superstar


If you thought ROCK 'N ROLL was all about the music, you went to the wrong show.

Seven is a lucky number. Well.., maybe.., for some. For a rock 'n roll band like The Supermassives it is the perennial symbol of chaos and calamity; their winged chariot and their Hindenburg; their caviar and their fish 'n chips. From the backstreets of nowhere, to the stage doors of everywhere, Beecher Stowe has a dream and he has talent and he has six musical, misfit mates that want in - at any cost. And then along comes a woman, with her sun-bleached hair and her sun-shaded eyes and her Bardot lips and a secret so intense that it could eradicate the very essence of Rock 'n Roll. 

Plug in to a hilarious, irreverent roller-coaster ride from bedrooms to bars to stadiums to bars to bedrooms. Supermassive Superstar is a novel that transcends decades of volatile friendship and liquid excess and questionable fashion and lethal drugs and kick-ass rock 'n roll and is responsible "for the single most enjoyable time I've had writing anything." 

Writing, MusicMark Warford