A River to the Ocean


In order of popularity, my music streams most in Brazil and Europe closely followed by China and South Korea. I have no idea what that means, other than they have extraordinarily good taste and may they all have absurdly long and happy lives. Do not fret my Euro/Asian/fully-waxed brethren, I’ll make more soon. Meanwhile, listen here.

So here’s how it works - write a song, play and record every instrument and voice, mix and master, upload to a million networks for distribution and sit back and count the pennies. Literally. Pennies. Get this, the biggest selling record of 2017 netted the credited artist the equivalent of three hours’ worth of sales of THE BEATLES at their pop-idol apex. One year vs three hours! Crazy.

A few years ago I spent New’s Year Eve with a gathering of musicians and directors. Amongst them were fifteen multiple Grammy winners and three Oscar winners. To a person, they shook their head at their respective industries. The level of incomprehension as to the state of the business that had endowed them with such acclaim and wealth was astonishing.

So how do you make it in the music industry? Well.., you don’t. Not anymore. It doesn’t exist. Like the horse and buggy, and cassette tapes, and good manners. The process of writing and recording is nothing more than an unfortunate hurdle to get to the ‘real’ industry - performance. Big dollar venues; live music in small, sweaty clubs; recitals presented to crowds adorned in their Sunday best. We’ve come full circle to juke joints and vaudeville and grease paint and callouses.

If we can outlaw miming and white people dancing, the world will be at peace.

Now is the time to put this on stage and on screen, ‘A VOYAGE FOR SOLDIER MILES’. I wrote it with contributions from heavyweights in the business. It’ll rock your world. Guaranteed.

MusicMark Warford