THEN CAME.., ME? is television for rebels and seekers and romantics; for those unafraid to tip their hats in the presence of a selfless soul; for those that appreciate great writing and long journeys and emotive soundtracks, and for those that embrace being restless as a good thing.

The anchors for this series are the soundtracks - what it means to dig in; what it means to let go.

"The lightning you see is not the same when you're old and wise. Where's the life you promised me, I'm right here, doing everything I had to do? And this fire won't wait for a storm to come and kill it, and it's for sure this future won't be pretty. She'll die a thousand times. Soleil."

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"In the service of complete strangers; in the pursuit of justice. Sounds like a fairy tale. I assure you it's not. For over fifteen years, Kate Watters fought for basic human rights to be extended to a small village in Kazakhstan that sits less than five kilometers from one of the world's largest oil and gas condensate fields. Imagine waking up to pounding headaches and respiratory illness; imagine your children convulsing in their classrooms; imagine centuries of culture being decimated at the hands of multi-national corporations; imagine corruption and intimidation being met with steadfast determination and bravery the likes of which cannot be stressed enough. Making a difference is not for the faint of heart, but you gotta have heart.., and humility.., and belief. I am so very proud to share this powerful and emotive story as the first in a series of insights designed to realign our expectations of each other." -- MW.



Meet the honorable Lord Quest and his otherworldly curator of common sense, Mouche.

In isolation, a passion for words and adventure is weightless without the constant challenge from our internal voices. So roll up your sleeves, it's time to defend yourself from yourself.