Executive Producer - Mark Warford

...is an award-winning director, author, musician and producer. Always looking to the next horizon, Warford’s unparalleled career includes directing Academy Award-winning actors and writing and producing and performing with Grammy Award-winning musicians. As an acclaimed photographer and humanitarian, Warford has steered international expeditions and global awareness campaigns for the world’s largest NGO’s, driven coverage of major news and sporting events on behalf of the preeminent media institutions and proudly joined Archbishop Desmund Tutu in being honored as a global environmental ambassador.

Executive Producer - Kate Watters

...is Founder and Executive Director of Washington DC-based environmental justice and human rights advocacy organization, Crude Accountability.

Tackling a legacy of habitat and socioeconomic inequality and human rights violations throughout the countries of Central Asia and the Caspian region, Kate Watters has championed the plight of the downtrodden by selflessly crafting and cultivating many high-profile campaigns that have pitted her, and the brave indigenous communities she represents, against innumerable government officials and a seemingly endless wave of bureaucracy engineered by the controlling interests of multi-national conglomerates.  

For over twenty years, often working against an undercurrent of physical threats and intimidation, Kate Watters has provided a raised voice of strength and commitment, and a vital international perspective to serious health and environmental issues that would otherwise remain insignificant and invisible on the world’s stage. Her unyielding tenacity and endless resolve has been felt in village town hall meetings on the Kazakh steppe all the way to the boardrooms of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank. She has conducted a wide variety of trainings and workshops, such as human rights awareness, popular epidemiology, and community air monitoring for residents of communities negatively affected by oil and gas development and for the activists who work with them. 

Kate travels extensively in the region, speaks fluent Russian and is the author of numerous reports and articles on civil society in Central Asia and the Caspian region and a regular resource for the media on issues about the environment, oil and gas, and human rights in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Russia.