Mark Warford is an award-winning Author, Producer, Composer, Photographer and Creative Director.

From film and photography, to journalism, music composing, directing, writing and producing, Warford has found substantial honor and acclaim from his peers. 

As an activist and humanitarian, he has steered international expeditions and global awareness campaigns for the world’s largest NGO’s and proudly joined Archbishop Desmund Tutu in being honored as a global environmental ambassador.

Highly acclaimed for his worldview creative work, and embracing a drive and determination to witness and communicate firsthand the important issues of our time, Mark Warford is a CLIO award-winner whose unparalleled career path has included roles directing creative and communications operations for some of the world's largest news and environmental organizations - both in the field and in the boardroom.

As a result of his determined effort to bring the most pressing social issues of our time - such as global poverty, mass incarceration, the continued slaughter of whales in the southern ocean, climate change, and environmental health and justice - to the widest audience possible, Warford has written, directed and produced alongside many notable international artists, such as Sir Anthony Hopkins; celebrated civil rights activist and global entertainer, Harry Belafonte; Eurythmics co-founder, David A. Stewart; platinum-selling British soul singer, Joss Stone; and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

As a senior director and member of the international program council of Greenpeace USA and Greenpeace International respectively, Mark Warford was engaged in a multitude of frontline environmental justice activities stretching from the Russian Arctic to the atolls of the South Pacific and beyond. As an award-winning documenter of environmental protest on issues ranging from nuclear testing to toxic trade to climate change, Warford communicated a rare and valuable insight to the plight of the natural world, often witnessing firsthand the severe and irreversible impact of humanity’s wrongdoing. 

To honor his commitment to raise awareness of the ongoing impacts of global warming, in 2009 Warford was elected as a '100 Places' Global Climate Ambassador, joining the aforementioned Archbishop Desmond Tutu, along with Australian Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Danish Actress Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen.